Thistledown Farm's Sweet Little Sheila


"Sweet little Sheila, you'll know her if you see her..." as the old Buddy Holly song goes. Our newest Lady, Sheila, joins us from a farm in southern Ohio.

She is a granddaughter of our own J. J. Sheila's gorgeous coat, blocky head shape, and extra dark pigment make her a real show-stopper! She truly is beautiful. In addition to her good looks, she has a gentle, affectionate, laid-back personality. She did an amazing job with her first litter, and was so proud of her babies!

Thistledown Farm's Wake Up Little Suzy


Our little Suzy is a real doll! Sweet and playful, she loves attention. Suzy's beautifully shaped head and cream colored coat garner compliments wherever she goes.

With the results of her preliminary OFA's showing normal heart and elbows and "excellent" hips, Suzy is a winner as a future Mom here at Thistledown Farm! Suzy is also Clear for Ichthyosis and all types of PRA!

Thistledown Farm's Queen Esther


Essie is a sweet, mild-mannered little lady. She loves playing in water, and absolutely adores our children.

She has a funny quirk of liking to "walk herself" and will hold the leash in her mouth whenever she gets a chance. Essie recently received her OFA results with a rare "Excellent" rating on her hips! We're so proud of this born and bred Thistledown Farm baby!

Thistledown Farm's Wind in the Willows


Willow is a gentle soul who loves to play fetch and spend quality time snuggling. She is a Daughter of our retired lady,Violet, and our own gorgeous J.J!

This Spring we are planning her first litter, now that her OFA restults are back. We are proud to say that Willow received an "Good" rating on her hips!

Thistledown Farm's Tessa

thistledown golden retrievers ohio


thistledown golden retrievers ohio

Tessa is a home raised girl.

She loves to run and play with the other dogs, and truly enjoys children.

thistledown golden retrievers ohio

Thistledown Farm's Ruby Bid My Heart Goodbye


Ruby is a sister to Suzy, and the two of them are the best of friends! Ruby is a natural leader, outgoing and friendly. Her boxy head shape and beautiful cream coat attract lots of positive attention!

She has completed her OFA hip prelims, receiving a "Good" rating, as well as normal heart and elbows, making her a wonderful choice for breeding top notch puppies.

Thistledown Farm's Jasmine Of The Forest Woodbridge


jasmine thistledown farms

Jasmine is a playful, affectionate girl who gets along great with other dogs. She is always up for a run and likes to explore new areas of the farm. Jasmine is a big, tall girl, with the "floofiest" tail EVER!

She carries herself in a dignified manner, and is very smiley. Jasmine also enjoys spending time with our horses and adores the kids.

Thistledown Farm's Lady Emma

Emma Best Stand-min thistledown farms


Emma may just be the most laid-back Golden I have ever met. She wants to hang out with us when the other dogs go out for "special" attention, so she'll pretend to be asleep until they all pile out the door and then pop up with a big smile on her face.

She loves to play fetch and is quite a swimmer. Her gorgeous, blocky head and muscular build often cause visitors to mistake her for a male, but she is a gentle soul. We can't wait to see Emma as a mom, she is such a lover, we know she will adore her babies!


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